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Healthcare Advocacy


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Typical Calls We Receive

  • Spouse is concerned their wife is being discharged too soon from the hospital
  • Daughter needs help with dad’s hospitalization
  • Senior in the hospital isn’t sure if they should go to short term rehab, or go home
  • Woman seeks an advocate prior to surgery
  • Attorney calls seeking help for her client who is being discharged from the hospital, without a discharge planning meeting
  • Physician requests assistance for a patient who has no family

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Healthcare Advocates provide one-on-one customized services, offering patients and their families a spectrum of education and guidance; in navigating the complex and often confusing healthcare maze.

Advocates provide services across the continuum of care; which includes the doctor’s office, ED, hospital, short-term rehab, hospice, and long term care nursing home.

Are you one of the 78% of people who are unprepared should a medical issue strike?

  • 116 million people are involved in an accident each year
  • 50% of people suffer with chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure or diabetes
  • 58% of all 911 calls involve a  senior
  • 67% of Americans have taken no steps to create advance directives;
    written wishes, should they not be able to speak on their own behalf


When a person travels to a new place on vacation, they often hire a guide.  This guide is very familiar with the location and can help focus on key points, while at the same time helping  to avoid potential trouble spots.

The Caregiver Resource Center’s roleis similar, in that we guide people of all ages through the often complex and confusing healthcare maze.


We are a well respected company serving the community since 1990

Spectrum of health & mental health advocacy

All services are individually designed to meet the unique needs of the client

Together we focus on the client’s abilities, needs, wishes, & “what-ifs”

We are available when you need us:

    • 7 days a week by appointment
    • 24/7 for client emergencies

Professional support & guidance

CT Licensed & Nationally Certified

Services may be provided on-site in the home, doctor’s office, ED, hospital, assisted living
facility, hospice and nursing home


Checkbox  Advocacy in the doctor’s office, or short term rehab

Checkbox  Medical Advocacy while in the ED or hospital

Checkbox  Help you better understand your rights

Checkbox  Communicate with medical staff

Checkbox  Review your diagnosis, test results,  and suggested treatment

Checkbox  Participate in discharge planning from the hospital or short term rehab

Checkbox  Assist in setting up an initial care plan

Checkbox  Transition to an alternative living option (e.g. hospital to short term rehab, short respite stay)

Checkbox  Research Specialists (e.g. medical, legal, or financial professionals)

Checkbox  Family Support & Guidance

Checkbox  Family Discussions and Issue Mediation

Checkbox  Crisis Management

* Fee for Service


Healthcare for seniors and people with special needs often requires a multi-disciplinary team approach that encompasses many aspects of life such as:

  • Health and Mental Health
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Transportation
  • Finances
  • Social Opportunities
  • Emotional Well Being

This process needs to focus on a person’s:

  • Hopes and Desires
  • Short and Long Term Goals
  • Abilities and Needs
  • Spectrum of Resources to address current and evolving needs

Healthcare is a collaborative process that consists of four steps:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Development of a customized Care Plan (road map)
  • Implementation & Monitoring of the Plan
  • Ongoing Review & Modification of Care Plans as needs change

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